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At Milestone Kitchens we offer a range of freestanding kitchen units in four styles.

The concept of having individual pieces of furniture in your kitchen instead of the traditional fitted kitchen has many advantages:
Silvia Miles, owner and designer of Milestone Kitchens
"Silvia Miles"
  • You are not restricted to one look that you feel compelled to endure for the next 20 years
  • It is a cost effective option because the units do not have to be professionally fitted
  • It is hygienic because the units can be moved for cleaning behind and underneath
  • The units can be used anywhere. The grocery cupboard may be modified to use as a linen or bedroom cupboard; the cutlery unit as a server in the dining room; the spice rack as a bathroom cabinet              
  • You can choose units to match the décor in the rest of your house
  • Your kitchen can change and grow with your family, home and budget over time
  • In case of an emergency, it is easy to access behind and underneath the units as they are not stuck to the walls
  • You can buy one piece at a time and build on when your budget allows you to
  • You save on consultation, installation and (if you are able to organise your own) delivery fees. This almost halves the cost of your new kitchen
  • If you move home you can take your kitchen with you
    (Remember to leave our web address in the empty kitchen)
  • You can choose any tops you like and they don't have to be all the same. You don’t really need meters and meters of a continuous granite surface to prepare a meal.
  • It is an investment because you can sell it.
Inside Milestone Factory
"Inside Milestone Factory"

Each piece of furniture is individually crafted in the Milestone Kitchens unique styles. The look is casual and rustic to blend in with contemporary ideas. The units are made up in solid pine and supawood. They are not flat painted but finished with a paint technique distinctive to each range. Small imperfections are characteristic of the units and give our kitchens a timeless character.

Visit each of our ranges by clicking on the names below and choose a style that you like, and then choose the units. You can buy one piece and add others later or you can buy several pieces at once and have an instant kitchen.

We do not have a show room. We feel strongly about keeping our prices as low as possible so that we can supply beautiful stylish kitchens at reasonable prices. Having Milestone Kitchen show rooms around the country would increase the cost of running Milestone Kitchens and ultimately the price that you, the consumer would pay. So, we do not have any agents or show rooms or anything else of this nature anywhere either in KZN or in any other province in South Africa or in any country in Southern Africa or the whole world.  The only way you can buy a Milestone Kitchen is from us, directly, on line, at whole sale prices. We plan to keep it this way.

Our kitchens are based on the "do-it-yourself" concept. You plan, install and organize the delivery of your kitchen yourself and thereby save on consultation, installation fees and delivery. If you had to compare quality for quality (we do not use melamine or chipboard) you will find that you are paying about half of what you normally would for a fitted solid wood kitchen. You cannot beat our value for money when it comes to solid wood kitchens. Do the work, get other quotes and compare.
You can buy a Milestone Kitchens 7-piece starter pack at the special price of R48 500 (T&Cs apply, while stock lasts). You can add extra pieces when your budget allows you to. Please contact us for a full price list with dimensions.

Silvia Miles BA Hons (Painting) HDE B. Ed
Founder Owner Manager CEO Designer Mother

We Are Proudly South African
African Allure
English Elegance
French Flair
Swedish Style
African Allure
English Elegance
French Flair
Swedish Style
Client Comments

"Keep up the great energy and products quality. We've heard nothing but good things."
- Keith Kennedy, Stellenbosch -

"I have 3 words for Milestone Kitchens. 'Quality. Integrity. Affordability."
- Rosemary-Ann Thorne, Durban -

"Thanks so much! I told my husband I could see your company was run by a woman - I love your graph and cut outs! Makes life simple, practical and just the way I like to think!"
- Daphne Bennett, North West Province -

"I ordered them by only seeing them on the web I promise you they are great."
- Wally Gloss, Cape Town -

"Most beautiful kitchen furniture in the entire world"
- Sarina Hendriks,  Gauteng - 

"We want to thank you for the high quality of your products, great customer service and overall pleasant experience we had dealing with your company. You can be sure to hear from us again in the future for the ret of the kitchen."
- Corne' and Oloff van Niekerk , North West Province -