"Most beautiful kitchen furniture in the entire world. I just want to compliment you again on your more than beautiful furniture, it is truly the best I have ever seen and this is my dream kitchen."
- Sarina Hendriks, Gauteng

The Office in a Cupboard

Office in a Cupboard
Closed Kink with legs
Office in a Cupboard

1200mm wide x 650mm high x 2100mm high

Is your office space encroaching on your chill space? Is it taking over your room or dining room? Does the mere sight of all your work make you feel stressed? Simply close the door on it, take a deep breath and relax.

Milestone Kitchens’ newest venture, the Office in a Cupboard or KINK (Kantoor in ‘n Kas), is the perfect solution for you. Keep all your work and office paraphernalia in a neat, compact cupboard so that when you need a break or are done for the day, all you need to do is stand up, tuck your chair in and close your KINK doors. Out of sight, out of mind.

Houses and apartments are becoming smaller, people are working from home more and more and thus the need to have an elegant, compact solution to your office space is becoming more pressing. Hence, our Office in a Cupboard concept was born.

The KINK has just the right amount of space required for a productive work environment, whether you are a student, work from home or often need to take your work home with you. The ergonomical desk design allows for an eye level screen, it has plenty of shelving designed for textbooks, files, paper and even the ever necessary tea pot. There is a slide out shelf for a printer, drawers for your stationary, important papers or that sneaky slab of chocolate you need to keep you going. We know how annoying it can be when there are cables all over your desk, so we have also included a cable hole in the desk to keep them out of your way. 

Then, when your friends arrive for a drink or you want to have a clutter free dining room table for a lovely meal with your loved ones or you simply want to go to sleep without having to stare at your pile of unfinished work, simply fold up the extra desk space, tuck your chair and close the cupboard doors.

Office in a cupboard
Choose from our three ranges, African Allure, French Flair or Swedish Style, the one that will suit your style and home décor the best. Your Office in a Cupboard comes in Milestone Kitchens’ standard colours: Stoney Grey, Ice White or Aged Cream, but you can also choose any other colour you like, and we will make it happen.

The Kitchen in a Cupboard

KIAC Exterior
KIAC Interior
KIAC Exterior

1760mm wide  x  650mm deep  x  2200mm high

Not enough space for multiple cupboard units, work surfaces and appliances? Put in the Kitchen in a Cupboard instead. Neat. Compact. Boil an egg. Chill some wine. Wash a few dishes. It's all neatly stashed in one cupboard.

Milestone Kitchens innovative Kitchen in a Cupboard is the perfect all in one solution for modern, easy living in small spaces.

Today's living is all about modernising, minimising and simplifying. People are eating out more. Restaurants are better, good 'fast food' is more easily available, and takeaways and home delivery meals are becoming increasingly popular.

The world is changing and so is the kitchen, as we know it. In places such as Asia, where space comes at a premium, apartments are being built without any kitchens at all. Smaller homes mean less space for food preparation, and for many, that large place once reserved for expansive countertops has given way to cost-cutting and convenience as gatherings now often take place in public places rather than private homes.

Swedish Style Kitchen in a Cupboard Dressed

This is why Milestone Kitchens developed the Kitchen in a Cupboard - a compact, all-in-one solution designed for modern, easy living in small spaces. The concept is perfect for young couples with small homes, or retirees looking to scale down. It's also fantastic for B&Bs, holiday flats, bachelor pads, studio apartments or small beach cottages.

Swedish Style Kitchen in a Cupboard Dressed 2

Pair it with a small table or an extra-small Mini-Centre island for seating, and you can even entertain guests. Once they’ve left simply close the doors and the Kitchen in a Cupboard transforms into tidy, out of the way package with the appearance of an elegant cupboard. Put it in the lounge, dining room, or entertainment area. It's less expensive than a full-size kitchen and far more functional than an ordinary cupboard.

Choose your Kitchen in a Cupboard in one of our three design ranges that matches the decor in the rest of your house, the African Allure, the French Flair or the Swedish Style. You can also choose your own colour - just send us a paint code for your choice of colour and we'll make it happen.

The Milestone Kitchen in a Cupboard can be ordered with or without appliances.

House Keeping Cupboard

House Keeping Cupboard
House Keeping Cupboard

1400mm wide x 650mm deep x 2100mm high

Perhaps your house is not big enough for a laundry and you can never find a place for all your housekeeping stuff. No problem, Milestone Kitchens has a simple solution for you. We offer you a cupboard that can house your washing machine, vacuum cleaner, broom, ironing board, iron, detergents, buckets and whatever other equipment you deem necessary for housekeeping that haven’t got their own space. All this can be stored in one compact space behind Milestone Kitchens stylish cupboard doors - in your House Keeping Cupboard.

You have the freedom to place your House Keeping cupboard anywhere, it doesn’t have to be in a ‘laundry room’ because, you might not have one of those anyway. And it looks great too so it does not have to be ‘out of the way’. In addition, it can be painted in the colour of your choice to compliment the decor of your home.

Milestone Kitchens House Keeping Cupboard’s dimensions are 1400mm wide x 650mm deep x 2100mm high. It is available in all three of our ranges, the African Allure, French Flair it Swedish Style in their standard colours or as a customised unit to suit your space and colour scheme.

House Keeping Cupboard

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