Milestone Kitchens’
Factory Outlet Shop

Our Factory Outlet Shop, located within the 44 Stanley Avenue Precinct in Milpark, Johannesburg, gives customers a chance to experience what our free-standing kitchen concept is all about, as well as to purchase Milestone Kitchens products. The shop is filled with our furniture so it is the ideal space for those in the market for a new kitchen.

Everything in our Outlet shop is for sale at a discounted price. As items get sold, new pieces come in, so the space is dynamic and ever changing. You can purchase a whole instant kitchen, or individual kitchen units and take them home immediately, directly from there. And, if you would like to order other units, you can do so online, via our website. Or, if you are looking for that perfect piece of furniture to complete your kitchen or living space, our Factory Outlet Shop is also ideal. There are once-off pieces, such as grocery cupboards, islands and dining tables to consider.

We also have a selection of cheap smalls on sale, lovely one off pieces that we make from our scraps. Bread boards, bread boxes, chalk boards, cutlery holders and utility boxes. These cannot be ordered on line so this is the ONLY place you will ever find them.

You will mostly find our lovely manageress Phumla at the shop, and on her days off, Ma G will be there. Both Phumla and Ma G will be able to help you with general enquiries.

For a more in-depth appointment to discuss your kitchen, please contact us for an appointment with Silvia Miles, owner of Milestone Kitchens. Personal consultations are R650 an hour.

As an extra, extra bonus, our shop is located within an urban oasis, filled with trees and courtyards. 44 Stanley doesn’t have any chain stores and brings together makers, creators, entrepreneurs and artisans, alongside some of the best coffee and food spots in the city.

So, come for a bite to eat, a special cup of coffee and pay us a visit. You never know what you will find.

Contact us to make an appointment with Silvia at the Factory Outlet Shop.

At our Factory Outlet Shop, clients have had a chance to see and purchase (at up to 70% off) the following Milestone Kitchens units:

  • Our popular 7 Piece Starter Special
  • Our new, one-of-a-kind kitchen tables in reclaimed Oregan pine
  • Our Factory Seconds (pieces with small flaws)
  • Pieces that were never collected (yes, this actually does happen!)
  • Shop/factory soiled pieces
  • Design samples
  • Once-off designs (just because our creative juices were flowing and we designed new things)
  • Unique, once-off kitchen smalls and other décor items

Factory Outlet Shop Location

The Milestone Kitchens Factory Outlet Shop is situated within the 44 Stanley Avenue precinct in Milpark, Johannesburg, adjacent to Salvation Café. The Factory Outlet Shop is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday, and 10am to 3pm on Sundays.

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