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More information on our base construction, tops and handles can be found on the FAQ's page as well as other design preferences.

Note, the Raw range-specific online kitchen planner is a work in progress and will be launched at a later stage. The current kitchen planner can be used for the Raw Range in the meantime.

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Kitchen Units
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Standard Door
Door Left Hand Side 800Door Right Hand Side 800
7PSSS Sink Units Floor Units Corner Units Islands Tall Units Wall Units Concept Cupboards Speciality Units Other Furniture Add a Custom Unit
Sink Units
Sink Unit with bin 1600x6001800x6002100x6002400x600Sink Unit with bin and space for dw 1600x6001800x6002100x6002400x600Sink Unit with tray space 1400x600Corner Unit with corner sink 900x900x6001050x1050x600Sink Unit with space for dw 1600x6001800x6002100x6002400x600Unit with space for dw and wm 1400x6001800x6002100x6002400x600
Butler Sink Units
Butler Sink Unit with single sink 1600x6001800x6002100x6002400x600Butler Sink Unit with double sink 1600x6001800x6002100x6002400x6002700x600Butler Sink Unit with double sink dw 1600x6002100x6002400x600Butler Sink Unit with double sink veg utility drawers 2400x600
Door and Drawer Units
Single Door Unit with drawer 600x600Double Door Unit with drawer 900x6004 Drawer Unit 900x600Pot Drawers 900x600Pot Drawers with cutlery drawer 900x600Double Pot Drawers 1800x600Vegetable Drawers 600x600Recycling Unit 1800x600
Standard Floor Units
Double Door Unit 900x6003 Door Unit 1200x6004 Door Unit 1800x6006 Door Unit 2100x6008 Door Unit 2400x6007 Drawer Unit 2100x6002400x600
3 Drawer Server 1600x6004 Drawer Server 2100x6004 Drawer Server with 4 doors 2100x600Basket Server 2100x600Cutlery Server 1600x6001800x6002100x6002400x600
Stove Units
Stove Unit 1600x6001800x6002100x6002400x600
Corner Units
Corner Unit without doors 900x900x6001050x1050x600Corner Unit with doors 900x900x6001050x1050x600Deluxe Corner Unit with 4 doors 1280x1280x600Deluxe Corner Unit with drawers 1280x1280x600Deluxe Corner Unit with drawers and inset bin 1280x1280x600
Baby Island 1100x800Standard Island 1800x1200Nina Island 3000x1200Deluxe Island 3800x1200Mini Island 1600x850Cutlery Server Island 1800x12002100x12002400x1200Stove Insert Island with 600 stove 2100x1200Stove Insert Island with 900 stove 2100x1200Table Island 2800x1200Table Island with pot drawers 1400x800Butcher Block 750x500Double Butcher Block 1300x600Stool 450x250
Grocery Cupboards
Grocery Cupboard with chicken wire 610x430Small Grocery Cupboard 600x600Grocery Cupboard 900x600Deluxe Grocery Cupboard 900x600
Coffee Dresser 900x600Coffee Dresser with drawer and space for mw 900x600Coffee Dresser with drawer and space for mw doors 900x600Chateau Dresser 1800x600Deluxe Coffee Dresser 2700x600
General Tall Units
Broom Cupboard 500x600Wine Cabinet 450x450Utility Cupboard 900x600Recipe Book Shelf 500x400
Tall Stove Units
Oven House 720x600Stove House 2400x600
Fridge Houses
Fridge House 750x6001050x600Fridge House with 2 doors 750x6001050x600
Wall Units
Wall Unit 900x3001200x3001800x3002100x3002400x300Corner Wall Unit 850x850x300Spice Rack 740x140Spice Rack Swedish Style 740x140Utensils Wall Unit 800x200Shelf 900x200Microwave Shelf 600x400Mini Microwave Wall Unit 645x400Microwave Wall Unit 1400x3002100x300Plate Rack 1600x2601800x2602100x2602400x260Stove Hood 600x500900x500
Concept Cupboards
Kitchen in a Cupboard 1760x650Office in a Cupboard 1200x650Workshop in a cupboard 1760x650House Keeping Cupboard 1400x650Craft Sewing Cupboard 1450x650
Speciality Units
Infinity Unit 625x390Stool 450x250L Shaped Bar 3000x1600x750Pastry Table with stainless steel top 1600x600Small Display Cupboard 610x430Large Display Cupboard 1270x530Njabulo Book Shelf 2400x600Spice Oil Drawer 250x500Fridge Base 800x600
Single Vanity 900x500Double Vanity 1800x500Bathroom Wall Unit 740x140Mini Bathroom Wall Unit 580x150
2 Door Wardrobe 900x6002 Door Deluxe Wardrobe 900x6002 Door Wardrobe with external drawer 900x6003 Door Wardrobe 1350x6003 Door Deluxe Wardrobe 1350x600
Stoves Fridges Sinks Washers & Dryers Extras
Hobs 600x600900x6001100x600Free Standing Stoves 600x600900x6001100x600
Wine Cooler 600x600Fridge 600x620900x620
Prep Bowl 450x450Baby Butler Sink 400x400Single Drop in Sink 925x500Double Drop in Sink 1200x500Corner Sink 830x830Single Butler Sink 600x400Double Butler Sink 800x400
Washers & Dryers
Dishwasher 600x600Tumble Dryer 600x600Washing Machine 600x600
Add Drawers CutleryPotVeggieUtility under butler sinkAdd Tall Drawers (to replace doors) Spice OilBinTrayAdd Space TrayAdd Cut Out Inset Bin
1 block = 100mm
List of units added:
You have items off the canvas, anything off the canvas will not be included in your submission. Please move the items onto the canvas or edit your canvas size under Edit Design Preferences
Our Design Team will get back to you within 24 working hours.

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If you are struggling to visualise your plan

You can get a 2D layout with photos/diagrams for each of your chosen units. This quotation option costs R500. The lead time for this quote is 3 working days.

You also have the option of getting a 3D layout, this gives you a more accurate representation of your kitchen. This quotation option costs R2000. The time frame will vary depending on the number of custom units, and the number of 3D quotes we are currently working on.

Let us know when we send you your quotation (or further questions).

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