Free-Standing Designer Kitchen Units

Milestone Kitchens offers a range of free-standing kitchens units in three styles. Each kitchen unit is carefully hand crafted to suit it's unique style and is constructed using a combination of solid wood and supawood in key structural areas. We sell our units online, directly from our website to the customer, at wholesale prices. Milestone Kitchens units are available for delivery throughout Southern Africa including all the major centres such as Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

Silvia Miles
Silvia Miles
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What is a free-standing kitchen unit?

In a free-standing kitchen, the floor units are not affixed to the wall or each other, as they would be in a conventional, permanently fitted kitchen. Although many of our kitchens take on the appearance of a permanently installed layout with adjoining units and clever side-by-side combinations, there is always the possibility to rearrange the floor plan if desired. Units with basins will require plumbing, and some might need basic electrical work, but most are free to move as you wish. Wall units are simply attached to the wall in much the same way as a framed picture is. This is the way kitchens used to be, back in the day. So we could say that this is a new idea based on an old-fashioned concept.

Free-standing kitchens are becoming increasingly popular

Free-standing kitchens are finding their way into more homes, and with good reason. They offer greater flexibility and the freedom to change elements when the mood takes you or necessity demands. It's even possible to fit castor wheels on most of our floor units for even easier repositioning. On a budget? A Milestone Kitchen can also be bought piece-by-piece, with additional units added in when cash flow allows.

What are the biggest pros for free-standing kitchen units? There are several.

  • Adjustability: You are not forced to endure one look for the next 20 years. Our concept offers a flexible layout, which means that your kitchen can change and grow with your family, home and budget.

  • Style match: You can choose units to closely suit the existing decor throughout the rest of your house. We can even match the colour if you have a paint code.

  • Modular purchases: You can buy one piece at a time and build on as your budget allows.

  • Cost: Milestone Kitchens are only available directly from us, online, through our website. This saves on overhead costs and we are able to pass the savings on to the client.

  • Easy access: In the case of an emergency such as a leak or fire (or nasty spillage!), it’s easy to get behind and underneath the units as they are not stuck to the walls.

  • Investment: If you move home you can take your kitchen (or at least pieces of it) with you. Remember to leave our web address in the empty kitchen!

  • Hygiene: Free-standing kitchens can be moved for cleaning. Let's face it, sometimes a rat or a cockroach will get into your kitchen. In a permanently fitted kitchen these vermin make cosy little homes inside the cupboard linings. Not so with Milestone units - there’s nowhere for them to hide.
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